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"Throughout her career, Michelle Rhee has fought for every student to receive a quality education because it is the civil rights issue of our day. In Radical, Rhee describes her experiences in the trenches, her challenges and her successes but what she has learned through it all is that we must always put our students first."
- Condoleezza Rice
Former Secretary of State

Radical: Fighting to Put Students First

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"America is the greatest country in the world," Rhee writes. "But that status is at grave risk. The U.S. cannot and will not maintain that leadership role -- from commerce to military might to moral authority -- if we as a nation continue to allow our public schools to decline... So, what do we do about it? The answer is simple -- we need to completely restructure and redefine our education system to put students first."

Source: www.makers.com/michelle-rhee.

The United States has rightfully earned the reputation of being a world leader by blazing trails in commerce and innovation. Unfortunately, this status is now facing grave risk -– American students are falling well behind international counterparts in reading, science, and math. If we continue down this sad road, our country will not be able to produce enough skilled and well-educated graduates needed to maintain our global leadership. In an effort to halt this trend of mediocrity, Michelle Rhee has emerged as a driving force behind America’s education reform movement.

In Radical, Michelle Rhee shares her personal life story, and delivers her plan for improving America's public schools. Michelle's goal is to ensure that states are focused on putting student-centered laws and policies in place to guarantee every child has access to a great education. This roadmap for improving education is based off Michelle's extraordinary experiences in education: her years of teaching in inner-city Baltimore; her turbulent tenure as chancellor of the Washington, D.C. public schools; and her current role as national education activist. Michelle draws on dozens of heartfelt, compelling examples—from the many students who overcame unspeakable circumstances and excelled in the classroom; the hardworking teachers whose groundbreaking methods defied the odds, and lead to unprec­edented leaps in student achievement; and the realization that she can’t implement transformative and meaningful reforms without the help of the community.

Radical chronicles Michelle's enlightenment to the potential of every child blessed with a great teacher, her frustrations with adults maintaining status quos and selfishly placing their own interests before children, and her recognition of founding a national movement aimed at dismantling bureaucratic barriers that path the way to outstanding public schools.

An insightful call to arms, Michelle Rhee's Radical is required reading for anyone who seeks a guide to improving our public education system, and shaping a brighter future for America's children.

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